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Dear Racers - 




It is that time of year to get your entry in for the 2018 National Championship Air Races!




There are several items listed below to help with your entry/registration - as well as the link for the entry packet.




Entry information 




1) Entry deadline is June 15


2) Document deadline is June 22


3) Documents to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4) Email subject line to include - Pilot name, Race Class, & Race #






Guidelines to help with the entry/registration process 




The items listed below are the most common to overlook - it will save you time in the long runif you review the items below prior to submitting your documents. 




If you have a medical,govt ID, aircraft registration, annual/condition inspection, or flight review that will expire prior to the races, please send me an email to advise me of when toexpect the updated document.




1) Medical Certificate


- Is it dated within the 6 month requirement for the Races? If not, when will new medical be completed?


- Is it signed?


- Is it a Class 1 or 2certificate?




2) Government ID 


- is it current? 


- Does it expire prior the races? 




3) Annuals/Condition Inspections


- Is the sign-off date good through the races? If no -  when will new annual/condition inspection be completed? 


- Special Airworthiness Certificate Aircraft - Is the condition inspection signed off in accordance to the Operating Limitations (Op/Lims) of the aircraft?




4) Aircraft Registration 


- is it current? 


- Does it expire prior the races? If yes, send copy of new a/c registration once received,




5) Aircraft Registration, Airworthiness Certificate, and Operation Limitations 


- Experimental Category Aircraft - Do the registration #’s and serial #’s match on the Aircraft Registration, Special Airworthiness Certificate and Operating Limitations?


-Standard Category Aircraft - Do the registration #’s and serial #’s match on the Standard Airworthiness Certificate, and Aircraft Registration? 




5) Document Copies 


- Are they clear and readable? Scanned copies (in color) are the best - not xerox copies (they are often too dark). If photos are taken of documents - verify they are not blurry before sending.




6) Document Identification Labels


- Do each of the documents being submitted include at least one or more of these identification labels? - pilot name, class and race#, or aircraft registration # (N# for






7) Safety Drawings 


- must include a side and top view of aircraft.


- must include Class, Race #, and Aircraft registration # (N# for most).


- Does the drawing where the battery is? (if applicable)


- Does the drawing show where the fluids (oil, gas) are located?


- Does the drawing show where the canopy latch is in case of an emergency?




8) Aircraft Registered Owners 


- Check the FAA website for how the owner(s) is/are listed. for the aircraft you are flying.


- Do the names on the FAA registration match the owner information on the Release of Liability, Certificate of Insurance, and Aircraft Registration Certificate?




9) Flight Review


-  flight review date - If your flight review expires prior to races, email copy of Flight Review sign-off once completed.




10) Pilot Certificate 


- Is the back signed?


- Does it list the aircraft rating for aircraft you are flying - if applicable?






The 2018 NCAR application link is listed below -




Make sure you read ALL pages of the application carefully - don't skip any - as there is important information for you.




As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.




I look forward to seeing you in September!




Lori Crown


Director of Aviation Resources




Direct-  775-221-8070


Cell -    661-333-1001


Main -   775-972-6663




55thNational Championship Air Races


September 12-16, 2018