Creating or Editing your Online Profile!

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Please follow these directions carefully step by step to finish your online profile.  First go to the website Located Here and click on the link in the login section that states "create an account"












Fill out the form in its entirety, and hit the register button and remember to fill in the number within the captcha box.  Note if you can not read the captcha number simply click the refresh arrow button and a new number will appear.












 STEP #3

Once you have completed the form and clicked register a screen resembling this will show congratulating you on your registration.  you will then get an email from the website to confirm your registration.  Simply click the link to confirm your email is valid and you are a real person.  This is to prevent hackers from spamming the system.


What Next?

Once you have received the email form the website and confirmed your address adn name, then you can log into the website and begin editing your profile.  Please see next steps below...






OK now you have become an active member of the website it is time to edit your online profile as a member, or pilot.  To do this, simply log into the website using your newly activated credentials form the log in screen on the front page of the website located here











Step #2

Once logged in you will see a new navigation drop down to the right entitled "Members Section"  Click on the link below that is called "Members Info"  Member info will drop down and you will see a link at the bottom called "Member profile" click that link and a form will appear as seen in the next section.










Step #3

When you click on that link your profile will come up with whatever information has been migrated over from the past profile.  From here you can update all your information for the website.