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Axel Alvarez (Inyokern)

Listed On: November 5, 2019 By: AX-O

Listing Info

  • Listing Number: 19
  • Category: FULL PLANES
  • Price:$40,000
  • Condition: almost_new

Location & Seller

  • Seller: AX-O
  • Date Listed: November 5, 2019
  • City: Inyokern
  • Location: California
  • Contact Phone: 7606082981
  • Contact Email:
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About This Item

Formula 1 Project for sale: $40,000 I am selling my Formula 1 project due to changes in priorities. Portions of this project have raced at Reno previously as N-A-Rush. I purchased it from Bill Parodi last year then proceeded to build the carbon fiber wing and tail. This project does not have an N number or airworthiness certificate. It will be a new build. Located at Inyokern, CA (IYK). Contact Info: Axel Alvarez,, 760-608-2981 New Cassutt plans Paulo/Catto F1 wing -The last of the Paulo/Catto carbon fiber F1 wing (4 out of 4). I built this wing at the Catto factory this year. Wing has the first coat of primmer. It currently weights approx. 100 lbs. I designed an internal aileron counter balance. SolidWorks drawings for the aileron counterbalance, aileron control arm and aileron bellcrank are included. Catto F1 tail -I built the carbon fiber horizontal stab and elevators at the Catto factory this year. They have the first coat of primmer. Cassutt IIIM fuselage -Welded fuselage with all control links and flight control stick -Brake/rudder pedals and rudder cables -Grove “aft raked” landing gear -Wheels, brake assemblies, wheel pants -Seatbelts -Fiberglass turtle deck, carbon fiber canopy fairing, carbon fiber cowl -Vertical stab was cut off (I still have it). Was going to make new carbon fiber tail but did not get to it. Cassutt IIIM wing -Standard wings with ailerons -Associated control links Firewall Forward -Race engine (C90-8F) which has passed previous F1 tech inspection -New engine baffles -4 pipe individual exhaust system -4 into 1 exhaust system -Remotes oil filter adapter -Engine plenum -Oil cooler -10 inch Saber prop extension Prop -New Catto 2 blade propeller with stall fences Instruments -Instrument Panel -UAV Navigation - Electronic navigation/flight instruments -UAV Navigation – Electronic engine monitoring -Hand held radio Trailer -Built out of aluminum with wooden floors -Double axles -New electric brakes installed -Ramps and Wingstand