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Welcome to IF1 Pylon Air Racing

Formula 1 aircraft must be powered by a Continental O-200 engine (the same 100 hp engine used in a Cessna 150). The fastest Formula 1 aircraft exceed 250 mph on the 3.12-mile race course in Reno. Many Formula 1 aircraft are built by the pilots that race them and are a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of air racing.

JUL 2021
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2022 Events

June 2022 - Pylon Racing School
Contact Bob Holmes to request attendance
Dates to be confirmed

September 2022
National Championship Air Races
Reno Nevada


STIHL National Championship Air Races | Reno Air Races

Air Race 1 | Pure motorsport at its fastest

IF1 Officers/Directors

President Bob Holmes
Vice President Justin Meaders
Sec/Treasurer Kelly Green
Tech Director Ed Dutreaux
Ops Director Bob Bement
Tech Rules Chair Red Jensen
Proc Rules Chair Lowell Slatter
Pilot Comm Chair Tom Watkins
Promotions Scott Holmes