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International Formula 1 Air Racing

Welcome to IF1 Pylon Air Racing

Imagine flying over 200 mph only 50 feet above the ground in a steep turn while battling 7 other top-level pilots for first position. Our Formula 1 pilots and their aircraft will do just that while powered by the same engine used in a simple Cessna 150 training airplane. These pilots and their crew chiefs build and maintain their airplanes, modifying what can be changed by reducing drag and increasing power all while staying within strict racing association rules. This exciting class of Reno Air Racers will duke it out in 3 levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze this September 13-17th at the Reno Air Races. Tickets will likely sell out early, so be sure to buy them soon!

JUL 2021
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

IF1 Board of Directors / Officers

    Position Name Email     Contact No.

President Bob Holmes 780-263-9970
Vice President Justin Meaders 817-229-4634
Sec/Treasurer Kelly Green 780-232-6296
Tech Director < Vacant >

Tech Rules Chair  Red Jensen 661-429-1545
Proc Rules Chair Lowell Slatter 537-554-9718
Pilot Comm Chair Tom Watkins 403-607-8457
Promotions Scott Holmes 780-235-1088

Board of Directors All Above
2021 Formula Forum